Infinity Blade looks great on a 50" HDTV via iPad 2

Dana Franklin
D. Franklin|03.16.11

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Infinity Blade looks great on a 50" HDTV via iPad 2

Infinity Blade on a TVThe new iPad 2 paired with Apple's Digital AV Adapter is perfect for watching movies with your family, teaching lessons to a classroom or presenting the latest sales figures to a boardroom on an HDTV. TouchGen found it's also an awesome new way to enjoy your favorite iPad games, like Real Racing 2 or Epic's Infinity Blade, on a much bigger screen.

TouchGen reporters connected an iPad 2 to a 50-inch LG HDTV using Apple's HDMI adapter. With this setup, everything seen or heard on the iPad 2 is mirrored on the big screen. Fire up a game like Infinity Blade, powered by Epic's iPad-optimized Unreal Engine, and the iPad suddenly looks like a potent challenger in the home console market.

"I guarantee that anyone passing by would just assume you were playing an Xbox 360 or PS3 game," says Matt Dunn in his report for TouchGen. "Obviously the 4:3 aspect ratio gives it away a bit, but damn if iPad 2-optimized games don't look great on a nice TV!"

Admittedly, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 both support higher resolution 1080p video and probably still beat the iPad 2 in raw graphics performance. But the iPad's new ability to bring its library of games to the big screens in our living rooms shows the potential for tablet devices to compete directly with dedicated gaming consoles. Perhaps in a year or two, we'll be writing about how a future iPad stacks up against the PS4 and third-generation Xbox.

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Today, we can enjoy Epic's gorgeously crafted Infinity Blade on a 50-inch HDTV! That's a bit drool-worthy in itself. Right?

Keep reading to see videos from TouchGen of Real Racing 2 and Epic's Infinity Blade being played on an HDTV.

[via Dvice]

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