RoboTouch brings NES controller to iPad

Dana Franklin
D. Franklin|03.16.11

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RoboTouch brings NES controller to iPad

NES controller used to control iPadMix a handful of micro servos, an old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller, a pinch of open-source Arduino magic, an iPad running Reckless Racing, a few pounds of ingenuity and elbow grease, and what do you get? Most of us would probably end up with an iPad and a small yard sale. But avid technology tinkerer Joven of ProtoDojo used these ingredients to build a contraption that let him play his favorite iPad game using a classic Nintendo controller.

"I hacked my old NES controller to control micro servos with custom conductive arms that simulate touches to the screen of my iPad," writes Joven. "The servos are attached to the screen with mini suction cups and can be easily positioned for any game."

The RoboTouch appears impressively responsive in the video demo below, allowing its builder to play Reckless Racing, a game fittingly reminiscent of R.C. Pro-Am for the NES.

Joven hasn't provided the complete recipe for cooking your own Nintendo-controlled iPad, but he does briefly explain how to convert a classic NES gamepad into a USB flash drive secured by the Konami Code. He also suggests this article as a reference for adapting your old NES controllers for use with Arduino.

Keep reading to see the video demo.

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