Bloodline Champions begins the battle with Season 1

"Our biggest update yet!" the promotions for Bloodline Champions shout at us in an all-caps font. If you're a fan of this wildly popular online battle arena, then Season 1: The Battle Begins will have you pumped up for the next evolution of this game.

The keystone to this update is a new Bloodline: the Reaver. The Reaver is a melee fighter who wields a horking big sword and stops at nothing to dominate the battlefield. E-sport warriors should appreciate having this frenzied warrior in their inventory.

Players participating in Season 1 can take part in a ladder tournament system, through which they can earn exclusive items by fighting their way to the top. The Season also introduces emotes to the game, two new maps (the close-quarter Altar of Dorn Zweig and the huge Ruins of Razmorg), and additional store items. Stunlock Studios even put together a Charitable Champions Pack -- which includes an exclusive avatar and title -- to help the disaster relief efforts in Japan, as 100% of the proceeds go toward this effort.

You can read more about Bloodline Champions' huge update over at the official website, and make sure to check out our first impressions of the game!