Breakfast Topic: As a WoW player, do you consider yourself a roleplayer?

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|03.19.11

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Adventuring in Azeroth, I never considered myself to be a roleplayer -- a point upon which I prided myself until recently. I was winning a debate among friends about my non-roleplaying status until one pointed out that WoW is an MMO RPG. My face reddened as I admitted yes, WoW was a roleplaying game, and therefore I must be roleplaying.

Crestfallen, I considered the implications for the rest of the day. Did this mean I had to transfer my character to a roleplaying server? Would I starve if I did not maintain the Well Fed buff? Am I going to have to change my name to something more Azeroth-appropriate? Thankfully, the answer was no to all my questions, though the revelation was not completely wasted.

Our friendly debate gave me a fresh perspective on roleplaying. Azeroth suddenly became host to a wide spectrum of roleplayers, from the lowbie who bought his girlfriend a white kitten on their anniversary to the fellow who wrote a novel of fiction about his character and chastised me for not removing my plate armor before jumping into the water lest I sink to the bottom and drown. The very nature of playing WoW is to roleplay.

Where on the spectrum of roleplaying do you see yourself? How do you think it compares to the way others view your degree of roleplay?


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