Schedule posted for the EVE fanfest livestream

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|03.20.11

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Schedule posted for the EVE fanfest livestream
If you're a fan of EVE Online, missing this year's fanfest is unpleasant... but unless you're taking a trip out to Iceland, it's also a sad reality. However, the livestream of the important events does at least help to take the edge off, giving players watching from afar a taste of what's going down at the gathering. The official schedule for the stream has just been posted, which gives everyone an idea of what to expect from the event.

Players can either watch the stream free in normal quality on EVE TV or purchase the HD version for a nominal fee. (Purchasing the HD version also offers players a small promotional item for their characters by way of an additional carrot.) The livestream service currently is not planned to be recordable, so if you're considering shelling out money to watch the latest EVE Online gathering, there's that much more reason to check the schedule and make sure you won't be missing anything.
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