Microsoft and ASUS show off all the stylish stylus action you can have on an Eee Slate (video)

It's the year 2011, but it might as well be 2001. The company that Bill built is still going strong in the pursuit of its founding father's dream: a pen-based tablet computer. The latest, and perhaps best, exhibitor of this ideal is ASUS' Eee Slate, a 12.1-inch, Core i5-equipped Windows 7 tablet that comes with a Wacom digitizer and a dedicated silo in its side for accommodating that snow-white stylus. A Bluetooth keyboard also comes in the box, leading Microsoft to describe it as a device that's simultaneously "very PC" and "not very PC." To understand what the Redmond brainboxes mean by this apparent case of doublethink, make your way past the break and soak up all the video action.