Find My iPhone leads to a late-night chase in Tel Aviv

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Find My iPhone leads to a late-night chase in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv resident Ori Goshen realized the benefit of Find My iPhone when an unexpected late-night car ride left him without his iPhone. Goshen hopped into a car with two strangers and gave them directions, using his iPhone, in exchange for a ride closer to his apartment. (Bad decision? Quite possibly.)

What started out as an innocent ride turned into a nightmare when the two men began quizzing him about places to find some sordid late night activity. At his first opportunity, Goshen bolted from the car to head to his apartment and immediately realized he'd left his iPhone in the car seat he'd just vacated.

Arming himself with his Mac notebook and an Android handset, Goshen went on a hunt for his phone using the maps on Find My iPhone and Google Maps. Undaunted by the late hour, Goshen took to the streets of Tel Aviv with phone and notebook in hand.

Guided by his phone's GPS coordinates, he came upon the car sitting at a red light. Goshen hopped in the back seat and asked the shocked men for his iPhone. They claimed to have no knowledge of the phone, but Goshen rang the iPhone using the remote ring feature. He quickly snatched the ringing phone from the front seat and bolted out of the car as fast as he could. After arriving home from his adventure-filled recovery mission, Goshen savored the moment with a frosty beverage and some hard-won life lessons.

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