Live from Sprint's CTIA event!

And here's the biggie, folks: Sprint's CTIA event today is widely expected to bring the introduction of HTC's first 3D handset, a tablet, and -- if we had to guess -- probably an encore presentation of the Nexus S 4G and the carrier's tie up with Google for tight Google Voice integration. Ready for action? Follow the break!

2:14PM And we're done!

2:14PM "We're confident that these products will set the benchmark for all products to come."

2:11PM The View 4G will get Honeycomb "as soon as it's ready," Adib says.

2:11PM "We believe that the EVO 3D is the most powerful smartphone announced to date."

2:11PM We're looking at a chart of the EVO up against LG's Thrill 4G, the Droid Bionic, the Atrix 4G, and the iPhone 4. Adib's pointing out the dual-core Snapdragon's capability for asynchronous clocking on the two cores -- a power-saving feature that the Tegra 2 lacks.

2:10PM 1730mAh battery on the EVO 3D.

2:09PM "I have to laugh, because life in 3D is so much better than the real world!"

2:09PM For the record, the EVO 3D's display can be switched between 2D and 3D, like LG's Optimus 3D -- it's not exclusively stereoscopic.

2:07PM Now we're looking at some content recorded on the EVO. Three dee!

2:06PM Here's a tidbit: you can view 3D content on your 3D TV using the EVO's HDMI out.

2:05PM Adib's going through some of the reasons Sprint's going 3D: an explosion in 3D media and devices. He's citing a few studies along the way.

2:02PM "What a lot of people don't know is that EVO is actually short for 'Evolution.'"

2:02PM "Unfortunately, you don't need glasses to see me in 3D."

2:02PM Here comes Sprint's Fared Adib.

2:01PM It's a 3D promo of the EVO 3D, complete with ultra-dramatic music.

2:01PM "This concludes the 2D portion of our event, so if you'll put your 3D glasses on, we have something else to show you."

2:00PM And Dan's back on stage.

1:59PM "Sense is also a big story around the EVO View 4G, our first 4G tablet."

1:59PM "One example of innovation in the next generation of Sense is in the lock screen. It's a necessary evil. What we've done is transformed the lock screen into a gateway so the customer can go wherever they want to go."

1:57PM Talking about the original EVO's rabid fan base (and we'll admit, we're still fans ourselves).

1:55PM "This is a big day for us, as you can see."

1:55PM Here comes HTC's Jason Mackenzie -- and they're pulling the cloths off the devices!

1:55PM Both available this summer.

1:55PM Both have mobile hotspot capability for up to 8 devices. Hesse says this makes 22 WiMAX devices in the portfolio. "Not faux G, 4G."

1:54PM Both products have HDMI-out and DLNA capability.

1:54PM HTC Scribe pen available for the View (also just like the Flyer).

1:53PM 1.5GHz processor, same as Flyer.

1:53PM "Latest version" of Sense.

1:53PM "And there's more! Today, we're also announcing yet another addition to our EVO line -- the EVO View 4G."

1:52PM "The EVO 3D runs the fastest version of the Android operating system, Android 2.3, also known as Gingerbread."

1:52PM Dual 5 megapixel rear facing cameras.

1:52PM "The EVO 3D performs like a PC, and provides a multimedia experience that's second to none."

1:51PM WiMAX, of course.

1:51PM 1.2GHz dual-core processor!

1:51PM Capture and watch video in 3D, no glasses required.

1:51PM 4.3-inch qHD -- 960 x 540.

1:51PM qHD 3D display.

1:51PM "Today I am pleased to announce the HTC EVO 3D."

1:50PM Dude's looking a lot more casual than he did at the keynote this morning.

1:50PM Dan Hesse's out!

1:50PM It's the Android bot floating around some salt flats, just like the old EVO 4G commercial... but this time, he's wearing 3D glasses.

1:49PM Here we go! "We ask that you put on your 3D glasses to enjoy the show."

1:46PM Still haven't started!

1:40PM "Ladies and gentlemen, the program will begin in five minutes." So it's looking like a 1:45PM ET start -- 15 minutes late. Not bad (unless you were planning the battery life on your laptop or mobile hotspot down to the minute).

1:40PM The fact that this WiFi is holding up, by the way, is a miracle of modern science. There's some RF engineer out there we could kiss right now.

1:39PM Still waiting!

1:38PM There are two stands on the stage with gold cloths covering them -- the EVO 3D and EVO View 4G, presumably. Just a guess, though... we'll find out for sure soon enough.

1:35PM We still haven't started, by the bye -- looks like there's a bit of a delay to get these glasses distributed.

1:30PM You know, we were fine with the audio selection until the Black Eyed Peas came on. These guys are the Angry Birds of music.

1:23PM Wow -- full house. As Sprint has done several times in the past, this is a "casual" setup -- food, tables, and booths around the periphery with some bloggers stuffed into a rather intimate arrangement toward the low-set stage. We should be starting in under ten minutes or so.