Nintendo's throwing an all-day 3DS launch party in NYC

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Nintendo's throwing an all-day 3DS launch party in NYC
It's been a good long time since we lost the kind of party-stamina required to persevere through a day-long rager, but perhaps you possess the endurance required to make this invitation more inviting: Nintendo's throwing a lengthy soiree to celebrate the launch of the 3DS this weekend in New York City. You can stop by the Best Buy in Union Square starting at noon Saturday to check out the new handheld before queueing up to purchase one between midnight and 2AM.

Now, considering you'll be indulging in 14 whole hours of bacchanalian delights, you'll need to come prepared -- we suggest applying multiple coats of sunscreen throughout the day, remaining well hydrated, and bringing along some extra eyeballs. On the off-chance you play the 3DS for 14 hours straight, you'll probably end up disintegrating your corneas.
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