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Super Hero Squad Online shows some /emote-ion

Larry Everett
Larry Everett|@Shaddoe|March 22, 2011 9:00 PM
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is at it again: swinging from the rooftops, snapping the next great shot for the Daily Bugle. But what is he capturing this time? It's certainly not a picture of himself saving the day. He's taking pictures of all his superhero friends posing in the streets of Superhero City.

Super Hero Squad Online isn't all about saving the day every minute. Sometimes you just need to relax or maybe show off to your friends. Gazillion Entertainment and The Amazing Society have put together a trailer of all your favorite characters of SHSO showing off their emotes. From Black Panther playing with a ball of yarn to the Wasp riding a wild rodeo pigeon, superheroes know how to have fun, and in Super Hero Squad Online, these heroes are yours to command.

Jump past the break to see the trailer for yourself, then fly on over to HeroUp.com to sign up for the beta, today!