Nintendo 'moving away' from insisting on 3D to play 3DS games, wants them all playable in 2D

The Nintendo 3DS has a slider in its side. A slider that adjusts its namesake feature, three-dimensional imagery, up and down in intensity relative to the user's preference. Now, although the 3DS' screen doesn't force glasses on you, it does demand that it be held just right in order to get the most out of the 3D effect and we can imagine plenty of people might neglect its extra dimension in favor of old-fashioned 2D (not to mention those who can't tolerate the third D for health reasons). It's encouraging, therefore, to hear that Nintendo has taken the stance that no game should require 3D as part of its gameplay mechanics. That's the word from Hideki Konno, one of Nintendo's veteran producers, who says the company wants all of its 3DS games to be playable in 2D, essentially reducing the 3D aspect to an aesthetic enhancement. Some might argue that's underusing the portable's hardware potential, but Nintendo has always been in the business of pleasing the mass market -- there's nothing preventing some daring developer from making a game entirely dependent on a three-dimensional perspective.