Librarians gone bad: TERA's Runekeepers revealed

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.25.11

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Librarians gone bad: TERA's Runekeepers revealed
As we jog nearer and nearer to TERA's release, En Masse continues to unveil the intricacies of this world. Few things are as important to talk about than the uglies and nasties that we'll be beating on for the duration of our career, which is why the studio has added a new entry to its beastiary with the Runekeeper.

Near or far, no player will be safe from TERA's Runekeepers. These nasty demons pack a punch up close, with spiked fists that seem to say "Kill!" in a universal language. If you keep your distance, the Runekeeper is liable to chuck a bomb at you -- not a chemical bomb, mind you, but little critters known as guuthangs who have a tendency to explode. It's a lose-lose situation between your face and the guuthangs, really.

Oddly enough, the Runekeepers have a massive hunger for knowledge. "Unfortunately, the runekeepers' destructive nature makes it impossible for them to get a library card," the official description reads. "Barakas insist the runekeepers actually devour the books."
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