Quest changes en route for Final Fantasy XIV on Monday

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|03.26.11

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Quest changes en route for Final Fantasy XIV on Monday
Final Fantasy XIV is only just coming back from its temporary shutdown, but it's a known fact that the team hasn't been sitting idle during the downtime, and it looks like the developers have been putting the finishing touches on another small patch. Patch 1.16a is slated to arrive during scheduled maintenance on Monday, and while it's not a major update, it does change one rather important issue -- the way that quest targets are currently handled.

When implemented in patch 1.16, enemies intended as quest targets did not provide the player with drops, experience, or skill points. That factor is being changed, according to the preliminary notes for 1.16a, with the respawn timer correspondingly lengthened. While it's possible this might change in the short time remaining before the scheduled release date, the modification should be a welcome one for Final Fantasy XIV fans getting reacquainted with the newly restored game over the weekend.
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