Real Racing 2 HD to support 1080p video out

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Real Racing 2 HD to support 1080p video out

Newer models of the iOS device line have offered excellent-quality video out for some time using Apple's VGA connector cable. Now, Apple's 30-pin to HDMI adapter pushes quality even further. Today, FireMint Games announced its updated Real Racing 2 HD will support full 1080p output with (breathless cut-and-paste-from-press-release-excitement!) "rock-solid frame rates, with an unbeatable hands-on, precision control method that'll have your console green with envy."

Sounds pretty cool? We think so too. Real Racing 2 has already won bunches of awards and this new update makes us want to get racing. Click "read more" to see a video of it in action.

Hat tip, Federico over at MacStories

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