10.6.7 update causes OpenType font issues

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Dave Caolo
March 28th, 2011
10.6.7 update causes OpenType font issues

There's a thread on Apple's Discussions boards suggesting that Mac OS X 10.6.7 introduces issues with OpenType PostScript fonts when it comes to printing and PDF handling. Kurt Lang writes:

"As soon as you install 10.6.7, OpenType PostScript fonts are indeed broken... [the issue] is confined to OT PS fonts. All PDF files, including those using OpenType PostScript fonts display correctly in Preview. With the Acrobat Reader, all PDF files display correctly except those using OT PS fonts. So no matter who gets PDF files created under 10.6.7 using OT PS fonts, they will not display correctly on the Mac or in Windows..."

Oops. Lang goes on to note that everything was working perfectly under Mac OS X 10.6.6. Also, he has not changed his installations of Adobe Reader or Preview. Only the OS is different.

Since everything works fine in Preview and is only troublesome in Reader, you might be inclined to point the finger towards Adobe. However, we agree with Lang that it isn't solely Adobe's responsibility to ensure compatibility with minor OS updates -- if something's changed in the OS's type handling without Apple announcing it, there's not much Adobe could do in advance. Update: Adam Engst at TidBITS dives into the issue and reports that the impacts are wider than we knew.

As far as we know, Apple is not yet working on the issue. If you've experienced this trouble, let us know. Hopefully a fix will be issued soon.

Thanks, Laurie.

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