Lenovo CEO: LePad's slimmer successor should arrive in September or October

Updated ·1 min read

Lenovo may have just launched the much delayed LePad in China, but it's already giddying us with a surprisingly early date for said Android tablet's successor. At last night's opening banquet for the 2011 Chinese IT Leadership Summit, CEO Yang Yuanqing revealed that the second-gen LePad will be slimmer (which is a given these days), and is expected to be launched in September or October -- merely three or four months after le original LePad's upcoming global launch in June. Shedding no light on specifications, Yang added that the next LePad was developed in parallel with its predecessor under a separate team, allowing it to come to fruition in just nine months. Very well, but actually making it to the market is an entirely different story, so we shall sit tight and watch -- hopefully Mr. Blurrycam will deliver the goods beforehand, too.