iPad 2 lines persist two weeks after launch

iPad - get them while they're hot

No, this doesn't mean that some people have been standing in line for two weeks non-stop; it means that lines continue to form at Apple stores around the USA as new shipments of iPad 2s arrive.

In fact, the lines are so notable, says AppleInsider, that Wall Street analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company is now predicting that Apple will sell 30 million iPads this year, 10 million more than his original estimate. And, he predicts, Apple will sell 40 million in 2012.

With supplies running out around the world, the shipping delays of 3-4 weeks and eBay prices holding at around 150 percent of list price, it looks like those queues will continue for some time.

Wolf admits that predicting sales is difficult and that his initial predictions (and those of others) were wrong and have had to be updated.

Are there still queues at your local Apple Store? Are you still waiting for your iPad 2? Let us know in comments.