Microsoft details Windows Phone 7 by the numbers: 11,500 apps, 36,000 developers

We've already seen a fair number of Windows Phone 7 stats, but Microsoft's now gone and provided a proper retrospective for the first anniversary of its debut at the MIX10 conference last year. The standout figure, as usual, is the number of apps, which now stands at 11,500 -- a number that Microsoft is quick to point out it's not "artificially inflating" by listing wallpapers as a category, or boosting by adding competitor's apps to increase "tonnage." Microsoft also notes that while the Windows Phone Developer Tools have been downloaded 1.5 million times, it's choosing instead to focus on the number of AppHub community members as a more accurate measure of the number of developers for the platform -- they now total 36,000. It's also revealed that Windows Phone 7 users download twelve apps each month on average, that it's currently adding 1,200 new developers this week, and that 1,100 of the apps in the Marketplace are ad-supported and generating revenue with its Ad Control platform. Hit up the source link below for the rest of the stats.