Roku players updated, fixes a few issues but may introduce a new one for PlayOn

A place at retail may be the future for Roku, but for current owners there's a firmware update just issued that brings the box to version 2.9 build 1553. According to the release notes it makes the banner ad on the home screen clickable as well as adding several optimizations that support "numerous new content partners" like the updated MLB app. There's also a tweak to the USB channel to help MKV files play without rebuffering and displaying the WiFi mode in network settings. However, PlayOn users may want to avoid clicking that update button for now, according to another thread in the forums, many are seeing streams on their channel lose audio/video sync by as much as 10 seconds. That's a bit more than we usually need to adjust for, and given the apps unofficial status getting it fixed could be tricky so proceed with caution.