Caption contest: this is why grocery stores shouldn't sell smartphones

"We call it a very nice phone and you can get it on a 12 month contract." Oh, really, Tesco? Nifty! So, how much is that bag of day-old doughnuts... with and without a contract?

Don: "Knowing my luck, if I buy this now they'll have an iPhone 4 with a Bold keyboard on sale next week."
: "Do you guys sell a vegan model?"
Michael: "At Tesco, we've got raspberries, strawberries, and... ThunderBerries?"
Tim: "With Android, are you supposed to squeeze it or shake it to tell if it's ripe?"
Chris: "You can find it in the toothpaste aisle of your local grocery store."
Myriam: "Behold the Desire Torch, a new AndroBerry phone from HTRIM... now available in the cheese aisle."
Richard Lai: "By popular demand we have extended our Tesco Mobile Rewards offer to our shanzhai range."
Sean Hollister:
"And Tesco embraced fragmentation, the only way it knew how."
Vlad: "Hey, if RIM's gonna use our apps on its tablet, then we're gonna use its buttons on our phones. Fair's fair."

[Thanks, Matt O.]