Xperia X10 goes on sale for just a dollar on contract, Gingerbread-flavored future makes it appealing

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|04.03.11

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Okay, so a couple of weeks back, we wouldn't have cared if Best Buy was willing to give us money to carry the Xperia X10, we still would have steered clear of its flawed UI and outdated software. But Sony Ericsson did a funny thing last Friday by promising to slap Gingerbread on this 4-inch sucker, which makes its current $1 contract price an eminently more intriguing proposition. We scouted out Best Buy's web outlet and couldn't find the X10 listed at all, so this could very well be a final stock clearance of the handset available on a store-by-store basis. If you're tempted to jump on what's looking like one of the cheapest Gingerbread devices for a while, you should be aware that the Android 2.3 update won't be dropping until the end of Q2 at the earliest, so there will be a modicum of patience required.

[Thanks, Adam]
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