DreamWorks' Jeff Katzenberg joins Zynga board of directors

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DreamWorks' Jeff Katzenberg joins Zynga board of directors
DreamWorks CEO Jeff Katzenberg is expanding his portfolio beyond touching our hearts with endearing movies about pandas and ogres to touching our Facebook profiles with invites to games about agriculture. The animated film studio co-founder is now also the sixth member of Zynga's board of directors -- which, according to a blog post by Zynga chief Mark Pincus, came about "after he suggested that the blockbuster of 2011 could be ShrekVille."

We've read that statement probably about 20 times now, and we're still not sure whether or not it's a joke. Like, it seems like a joke -- we're no strangers to the phony baloney portmanteau -- but we're receptive to the fact that a thing called ShrekVille would probably make a berzillion dollars.
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