Mike Bithell conceptualizes a game based on Source Code

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Mike Bithell conceptualizes a game based on Source Code
Bossa Studios lead designer Mike Bithell, whom you may remember as the creator of the 24-hour project Thomas Was Alone, knows a thing or two about coming up with compelling game concepts. We're not surprised that he recently turned his sights on gameifying one of our favorite movies of 2011 so far: Source Code. On his personal blog, Bithell explained how the film's penchant for Groundhog Day-esque repetition would translate over to a game mechanic, even drawing a handy diagram to illustrate his ideas.

Personally, we'd love for his vision to come to fruition, if only to achieve our dream of getting our Gyllenhaal fix in a video game format. We can't just keep playing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and pretending, you know. It's not healthy.
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