Altec Lansing's Octiv 650 iPhone / iPod speaker dock does video out, brings new meaning to Mood lighting

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.05.11

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Altec Lansing's Octiv 650 iPhone / iPod speaker dock does video out, brings new meaning to Mood lighting
It ain't drastically different than Altec's iDevice speaker docks from earlier in the year, but if you're looking for a living room peripheral that'll output video from your iPod touch or iPhone, the outfit's Octiv 650 is certainly worthy of consideration. Ditching iPad support in favor of a cleaner, more compact design, this particular sound dock features a component / composite output as well as one other trick -- support for the free Music Mood app. Put simply, it'll pipe hallucinogenic visualizations onto your screen, all while cranking out the jams through a pair of three-inch, full-range drivers and a nested 4-inch subwoofer. We're told that YouTube and Netflix output is a go, and there's an auxiliary port thrown in for those pals who wander over with the worst-named PMP of all time. Check it next month for a nickle under $200, and start mulling the most important decision of all right now: black... or slate?
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The Octiv 650 Transforms Any Space into an Oasis of Ambient Sound and Visual Stimulation

MILFORD, PA – April 5, 2011 – Today, audio innovator Altec Lansing introduced the new Octiv 650 docking speaker system for the iPhone and iPod touch, marrying minimalist design with powerful performance. Destined to be an integral piece for any living space, the Octiv 650 delivers broad spectrum audio while displaying full screen video from an iPhone or iPod Touch on a TV screen. Utilizing Altec Lansing's free Music Mood app, users can unwind with a number of soothing pre-loaded videos and sounds.

"The living room is often used as the hub for entertaining and relaxing. With the new Octiv 650, we've created the ultimate sound system to create the perfect environment for any occasion," said Steve Schlangen, Altec Lansing product manager. "The clear, balanced sound quality that Altec Lansing is known for is combined with the Octiv 650's video out capabilities to create an ambiance that no other home component system can match."

Fusion of Sound and Design
With discreet lines and a flat front panel, the unique wedge shape provides room-filling, crystal clear sound without taking up much space. Powerful, well balanced audio is delivered through two 3" full-range drivers and a nested 4" subwoofer for deep bass. The attractive yet simple design blends seamlessly with almost any décor.

To enjoy streaming video with immersive audio, users can watch full screen Netflix™ movies and YouTube™ videos on a television from an iPhone or iPod Touch using the Octiv 650 component and composite video out jacks while enjoying superior sound quality. For greater song selection and to further expand home theater versatility, a second audio device can be added through the auxiliary input. A full-featured remote lets users control the audio and navigate their device from across the room. To help ensure a call is never missed, the Octiv 650 automatically pauses when a call is received on an iPhone.

Set the Mood
No matter what the desired mood, the Octiv 650 can help set the tone with Altec Lansing's free Music Mood app. Users can watch and listen to a number of serene videos and sounds such as a crackling fireplace or a calming river stream with the app's Ambient Sound and Visual Library. For additional customization, the user can pair each video to their audio counterpart and let the full package work its magic.

Also included within the Music Mood app is a graphic equalizer (EQ). From basic and preset options to a more advanced seven-band graphic EQ, customized sound can be saved and accessed at the user's discretion.

Availability and Pricing
The Altec Lansing Octiv 650 will be available in May 2011 at in black and slate. MSRP is $199.95.
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