PopCap launches edgy '4th & Battery' label

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PopCap launches edgy '4th & Battery' label
Say "hello" to PopCap Games' little friend: 4th & Battery. The "experimental" label was created to give PopCap's designers and developers a sandbox to create the games that don't fit into the casual game studio's image. Essentially, 4th & Battery is the Touchstone Pictures to PopCap's Disney-esque public persona.

The new label is expected to produce several games per year, with Unpleasant Horse being the first out of the stable. The game will have players taking on the role of a winged horse who destroys small birds and knocks more pleasant horses out of the sky -- into a meat grinder. The game will be available for free on iOS devices later this month.

So, yeah, 4th & Battery is totally what a mid-life crisis manifests as when you've made a fortune off games like Bejeweled and Peggle.
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