Streets of Rage Remake was eight years in the (re)making

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Streets of Rage Remake was eight years in the (re)making
Developer Bomber Games started working on a game called Streets of Rage Remake in 2003, and only this week released the final version of the freeware PC game. We can only assume that Sega didn't take eight years working on the original Streets of Rage, so where did the time go in this project?

Well, it's less a "remake" and more of a hugely expanded, mostly new game. Remake, built entirely using new code, contains 103 stages, and all the playable characters from Streets of Rage 1, 2, and 3 (with new abilities), along with new characters. New enemies based on the Game Gear games and cover illustrations have been added to the lineup of punching bags. Boss Rush, Volleyball, AI partner mode, and other extras are also thrown in. Oh, and there's a level editor.

Check out a video of an earlier version after the break, and download the Windows game here before Sega's lawyers hit the Streets.

[Thanks, Brandon]

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