HTC Desire solves dodecahedron Rubik's Cube, will blow your mind (video)

If this image doesn't have you completely dumbfounded, scroll down and watch the video. Sufficiently awestruck? Good. Now, for a little background on exactly how someone got a pile of Legos and a smartphone to solve the devil's puzzle Megaminx. The aptly titled Megaminxer enlists the Mindstorms NXT kit to do the dirty work and an HTC Desire, running a custom Android app, as the brains of the operation. Said app uses the phone's camera to take individual images of each of the puzzle's 12 faces, then processes the information and sends a signal via Bluetooth to the NXT controller, which in turn goes to town. Unfortunately, there's no explaining how they got the Android to dance like that, but, really, why ruin the magic?

[Thanks, Stuart]