Nikon Coolpix P500 reviewed, zooms to infinity but not beyond

It's been more than a year since the Coolpix P100 hit the review panels, and now it's time for the new kid on the block to step up. The fine folks over at Photography Blog seem to find that the P500 performs similarly to the P100 -- the Achilles heel still being image quality, suffering from the same washy retention of detail. The overall handling and controls haven't changed much either -- a second control wheel, the ability to mount an external flash, as well as dedicated ISO and white balance buttons are all still missing. With rather modest changes, the P500 gives you another dose of what the P100 served up -- convenience in a compact package. Besides being able to zoom 10x more with that 22.5-810mm monstrous lens, and take larger pictures due to a 2 megapixel increase, the P100 is still faster (with a f/2.8 lens) and smaller, not to mention $100 cheaper. It's difficult to say that the P500 is ready to grab the reins from the P100 entirely, but that miniature telescope of a lens sure makes it a contender. Hit up the source for the full analysis.