Nokia Sleeping Screen: soothing low power notification for Symbian

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Nokia Sleeping Screen: soothing low power notification for Symbian
Nokia's cooked up a rather lovely and useful new app in its beta labs realm for all you lucky Symbian owners: Nokia Sleeping Screen. Now rather than simply seeing a blank sleeping device you'll be awash in useful info like message notifications, time and date, missed calls, and even a night clock mode that further dims the display while you rest your weary eyes. The display mode used isn't bright and instead of rendering the entire screen, all the icons are drawn using small circles -- which we assume further reduces the energy required -- and the app even goes to sleep while covered in a pocket or a bag. The only negative in the list is that apparently the phone can't be used as a flashlight while Sleeping Screen is running -- but we expect those enjoying the soothing cool hues won't mind that too much. Honestly, this seems like nothing but useful to us, and if Nokia's claim of not significantly impacting battery life is to be believed, may well be a must-have app.

[Thanks, Kari]
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