Mushroom TelePorter does HD streaming over cellular, won't beam your on-air talent anywhere

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|04.11.11

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Mushroom TelePorter does HD streaming over cellular, won't beam your on-air talent anywhere
If you need to be live and on the scene but can't be followed around with a remote truck and its retractable 100-foot antenna, you need a TelePorter. The camel-case 'P' should tell you that this is not the final realization of Gene Roddenberry's dream, rather a device created by Mushroom Networks, long known for products with goofy names like the PortaBella, which aggregates the bandwidth from multiple wireless modems to make one super mobile hotspot. The TelePorter basically takes that tech and adds some video wizardry to it, plus packaging that enables it to be mounted to the back of a camera. The result is live, full-HD streaming of footage straight from the camera and into the ether. Mushroom wouldn't tell us a price, saying that it varies based on configuration, but unless your camera's as big as the one pictured after the break we're thinking this might just put a real hurting on your budget.

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Mushroom Networks Unveils TelePorter™ with HD, The Industry's First True-HD Live Video Streaming Solution over Cellular

Breakthrough Technology Utilizes Bonded Cellular Broadband Cards to Transmit Broadcast Quality Video from the Field Transforming Any Video Camera into a Portable One Person News Crew

SAN DIEGO, CA – April 11, 2011 - Mushroom Networks, Inc., innovators of Broadband Bonding™ technology, today announced TelePorter with HD capability. TelePorter is the market's first cellular-based true high-definition (HD) live video streaming package able to transmit high-quality/low-latency video suitable for television broadcasting. TelePorter is a remarkable breakthrough for video content providers. It delivers real-time HD video from any location where cellular broadband service is available, eliminating the need for expensive satellite or microwave connections.

TelePorter allows the transmission of live video by utilizing the combined throughput of multiple cellular data cards from a combination of carriers. For example: utilize the full bandwidth of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint bonded together to broadcast live news from the field using any video camera. This technique is far superior to load-balancing or other like solutions which can have high delays, high latency or not enough total bandwidth severely limiting capabilities. Because of its small form factor and light weight, TelePorter is accessible even in the most difficult terrain.

"TelePorter is the technological answer broadcasters have been waiting for. With its ability to beam live HD video back to the newsroom, or even directly to a website, they can bypass the need for expensive satellite or microwave uplinks and cumbersome news trucks," stated Dr. Cahit Akin, co-founder and CEO of Mushroom Networks. "A cost effective means for transmitting live HD video is not solely limited to TV broadcasters but opens the door to anyone needing to create and distribute live content such as a blogger covering events or even Homeland Security agents protecting the borders."

The technological achievement for reducing the latency necessary for live HD broadcasting is in largely due to a powerful new quantitative framework for describing quality of service (QoS) in packet switched networks coined 'Network Calculus'. Developed by Mushroom Networks' founder and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Rene Cruz, Network Calculus employs the concept of a Service Curve which takes into account the worst case scenario of delay and latency associated with the transmission as packets traverse through a winding system of network elements to its final destination. This breakthrough technology significantly lowers packet latency to the point where transmission of high-quality video over cellular broadband is feasible for interactive applications even while traveling at speeds of over 65 miles per hour.

"By coupling our core Broadband Bonding technology with Network Calculus modeling we are able to effectively use statistics to smash the barrier of unpredictable behavior associated with cellular service to guarantee a certain level of quality necessary for transmitting HD video with extremely low latency," said Dr. Cruz.

Mushroom Networks' TelePorter product lines employs industry standards for analog and digital video and audio inputs at the mobile location turning any video camera into a suitable device for live broadcasting. Similarly the output of the TelePorter at the newsroom side is also industry standard analog and digital video and audio outputs.

TelePorter with HD capabilities will be on display at booth #SU9211 from April 11 to April 14 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. For more information please call 858-452-1031 or visit the website at

About Mushroom Networks
Mushroom Networks, Inc., is a privately held company based in San Diego, CA, providing patent pending Broadband Bonding solutions to a range of Internet connection applications. The company's flagship product line targets SMBs, enterprises, multi-tenant buildings, and broadband service providers and bonds dissimilar broadband access technologies forming a single highly reliable broadband pipe that can easily scale based on needs. Mushroom Networks was a finalist for the coveted XCHANGE Tech Innovators Xcellence Award, 2007 CONNECT® 'Most Innovative New Product' award, 2008 CONNECT® 'Most Innovative New Product' award, Network World's "top technology trend of 2008" award, and nominated for the best investment opportunity within the fixed telecom sector by Telecom Council of Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit or call 858-452-1031.
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