EverQuest II prepares for The Children of War game update

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EverQuest II prepares for The Children of War game update
Sony Online Entertainment's premier franchise EverQuest II has continued grow year after year. Following on the heels of EQII's latest expansion Destiny of Velious, the developers have announced a new update. Set to release on May 17th, the new addition to the EverQuest II storyline, The Children of War, will be the 60th update for the fantasy MMORPG. What's in store for fans? Well, are three new dungeons, a new battleground, new pvp armor, new daily missions, and three new raids enough to whet your appetite?

The Children of War update tells us the story of Rallos Zek and the Fortress of Drunder. This ruthless general plans to lead his war parties up the cliffs leading to the Western Waste to pillage the power of Roehn Theer. Only the bravest warriors and adventurers will be able to circumvent his massive crusade.

Check out the four new screenshots added to the gallery below, then for all the new content information, fly over to the EverQuest II official web site.

Also, SOE is inviting former players to come back to the game and experience Norrath again. From April 14th to April 21st, eligible account-holders will be able to log in for seven days to claim their winged mounts, hang out with old friends, and fight some new enemies.
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