Lenovo's metallic IdeaPad Z570 finally goes on sale, starts at $699

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Lenovo's metallic IdeaPad Z570 finally goes on sale, starts at $699
Of the nearly 20 consumer laptops Lenovo unleashed upon the world at CES, the IdeaPad Z570 was billed as the multimedia notebook with the least flashy design. (Okay, we're paraphrasing a little.) Curiously, the company didn't say at the time how much its metallic wonder would cost nor when it would be available. Three months later we're finally getting our answer: it's on sale now starting at $699, already taking a gentle tumble from $999. To refresh your saturated noggins, the 15.6-inch Z570 moves to a chiclet keyboard, as many other Lenovo laptops have, and packs a Core i3-2310M processor, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB 5,400RPM hard drive at its lowest price point. Those willing to spend more can step up to a $999 version that includes a Core i5-2520M CPU and 6GB of RAM. Either way, they come with DVD burners and relatively low-res 1366 x 768 screens, and the graphics top out with Intel's integrated HD 3000 chipset. That's all fine for everyday use, but deserving of that "multimedia machine" moniker? We'll leave that to you and your wallet.

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