What is 'ix.Mac.MarketingName' and why is it listed as a supported device for iOS apps?

On today's session of "things to ponder before lunch," we have a strange new text string added to the iTunes preview of some iOS apps, which identifies an "ix.Mac.MarketingName" as one of the compatible devices with software designed for iOS. We're seeing it listed alongside a whole bunch of apps, but importantly not all of them, which hints that it might not be just a stray piece of code or a bug in the system. The location-aware and voice-centric MyVoice Communication Aid and Microsoft's Bing for iPad apps do not include that funky MarketingName code, suggesting that it's there as a placeholder for a new supported device of some sort -- could apps finally be coming to the Apple TV? For now, we'd rather not stack speculation on top of uncertainty, so we'll just jot this down as another interesting development in the walled garden of Cupertino and wait patiently to see what (if anything) comes from it.

[Thanks, Daniel, Chris and Nick]