How would you change the Verizon iPhone?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.16.11

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How would you change the Verizon iPhone?
It's an iPhone 4... but not the original iPhone 4. Verizon Wireless became the first CDMA carrier in the States to call an Apple smartphone one of its own, and the resulting handset is eerily similar to the AT&T variant in most regards. That said, we're sure that a few of you folks would have done things differently if given the design credentials needed to do so, and this is place for you to vent. Would you have added any features to this guy not already found on the GSM iPhone 4? Offered a Big Red-exclusive color? Thrown an LTE radio in there? Changed up the antenna layout? Included a secondary display, Echo-style? Go on and get creative in comments below -- you never know what suggestions may shape the shape of the iPhone 5! (Or something like that.)

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