Watching Coachella live on YouTube would be a great use for Google TV -- if it worked (Updated)

While waiting for hardware, sped up software and access to the Android Market's apps, early Google TV adopters looking to mix up their internet and TV viewing got some bad news (again) this weekend while trying to access YouTube's live broadcasts of the Coachella music festival. Despite the event being promoted on the official blog, owners of all three Google TV devices reported the stream would not load for them. We couldn't pull it up on our Sony Internet TV, getting only a loading bar and then the black screen shown above even though other YouTube Live broadcasts and many live Flash video streams work without a problem. At this time we haven't heard back from Google on the issue and a check of support forums came up empty too so for now a laptop with an HDMI cable is still the simplest way to get this internet video on your HDTV.

Update: The @GoogleTV Twitter account just reported the team is "looking into it" so hopefully there's a chance of resolution before the event is over, we'll keep an eye out. Until then, we're hearing that the stream is working on the Boxee Box (Thanks @EricHulen) so that may be an option as well.