Adult Swim looks to release one mobile game a month

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|04.19.11

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Jeff Olsen of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim division did a quick interview with our fellow bloggers at Joystiq, and he says that in addition to the Android launches the company is doing this week, they are expecting to "get to the point where we can release a new mobile game a month."

That would create quite a library of Adult Swim titles. The company has already seen a fair amount of success with its current setup of iOS titles, including the very popular Robot Unicorn Attack. Olsen says the idea is to keep working on Flash games that are promoted through the TV channel, and then take the best of those to iOS to profit.

There's no word on how much money these games are making for the channel (it must still pale in comparison to their actual advertising dollars), but if nothing else, they're likely offering some good brand awareness for their cable programming.

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