DirecTV's $30 per rental premium video on-demand service launches Thursday

If the actual trip to the movie theater was the only thing preventing you from checking out Adam Sandler, Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston in Just Go With It, you can still check it out before it arrives on Blu-ray or DVD starting Thursday thanks to DirecTV's new premium video on-demand service. The Hollywood Reporter mentions Sony's flick will be the first one on the service and is already available for preordering on the new Home Premiere service, available only to customers with the satellite company's HD DVRs, which is about 6 million people. As far as DRM, HDMI is required but only a "digital watermarking technology" is mentioned. The next several flicks planned for the service include The Adjustment Bureau (Universal), Cedar Rapids (Fox) and Hallpass (Warner Bros.); they will be available for two weeks at a $29.99 pricetag, in 1080p with 48 hour viewing windows. Movie theater owners don't seem thrilled by the new service, we guess the next question is whether or not you are -- the poll is after the break.


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What are Home Premiere movies?

Home Premiere movies are new movie releases available exclusively on DIRECTV CINEMA™ months before they're available on Netflix®, and even before they're available on DVD or Blu-ray™.
A Home Premiere movie costs $29.99. With Home Premiere movies, you have the convenience of being able to enjoy the latest releases in the comfort of your living room. You also have the freedom to watch them as many times as you would like within a 48-hour rental period. Hence, they cost more than a typical DIRECTV CINEMA™ movie.
All Home Premiere movies are in 1080p HD.
To view Home Premiere movies, you must have an HD DVR receiver, and your HDTV must be connected to the receiver with an HDMI cable.
To order a Home Premiere title, go to Channel 1100 on your TV and select the Home Premiere category to see a list of available titles.
If the title you want to watch has a green check mark next to it, it's ready to watch instantly. Just select it to start watching.
If it does not have a green check mark, you can add it to your queue and it will be ready to watch as soon as it is available. You will not be charged until you begin watching.