Google's Map Maker is a clone of Maps, except you can scribble local data all over it

Google may have stashed the locations of every WiFi access point and convenience store goodie the world over, but there are things that even 360-degree cameras, massive algorithms and self-driving cars can't do; things like map out the locations of all your favorite neighborhood haunts. That's why Google needs you. This week, the company unleashed Google Map Maker on the United States, which is basically a parallel version of Google Maps that anyone can add to -- fleshing out the existing grid with additional details like precise structures, secret passages, whatever you care to name. Google plans to review all crowdsourced edits, however, so it won't quite be a free-for-all -- prepare for a wee bit of skepticism when you divulge the locations of buried nuclear launch silos, alien artifacts, and your local Jedi dojo.