Sony rolling out PlayStation Home 1.5 update with real-time multiplayer support

Earlier this morning, Sony lifted the floodgates on its 1.5 update for PlayStation Home, bringing with it real-time multiplayer support, improved physics and more realistic graphics, among other goodies and graphical tweaks that we're slightly less excited about (like, umm, "better furniture management"). Also hitting the PlayStation Home Mall this week is Sodium Blaster's Paradise personal space and TankTop 1.0, a mini-game which appears to take advantage of the improved graphics promised in Home 1.5. Of course, the big news here is the real-time multiplayer support, which Sony says will pave the way for first-person shooter and racing games, making it even easier to terrorize other players from the safety of mom's basement. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the source link for all the saucy details.