BiliBot combines Kinect, iRobot Create and gripper arm for affordable ROS fun (video)

The Personal Robotics Group at MIT may have already strapped a Kinect to a iRobot Create, but BiliBot did them one better by adding an arm to the mix -- not to mention this cherry-red frame. Better yet, you can order your own BiliBot Developer Edition now for the affordable price of only $1,200. OK, maybe calling $1,200 "affordable" is a bit of a stretch, but in the world of programmable robotics that's not half bad, especially when you consider this self-contained robotics platform comes with its own Ubuntu-booting Core i3 computer with 4GB of RAM. The preinstalled ROS software can be used to steer the bot using data gathered through the battery operated Kinect and also to control the arm, which is connected to geared motors instead of more traditional servos. Those motors allow the BiliBot to lift three pounds up to a height of 17 inches -- perfect for beer delivery, provided you're sitting. Watch it navigate a relatively obstacle-free room in the video after the break.

[Thanks, Travis]