iHub gets shut down by the iPolice

What happens when you decide to sell a device that brazenly features an apple logo you're not allowed to use? Well, not much actually, the robocops don't come busting through your door or anything, but evidently the Cupertino lawyers are on top of their game (they've certainly had enough practice lately) and have shot out a kindly note to the M.I.C. Store guys to ask them to halt sales of the iHub. That's exactly what's happened with the $10 USB hub, and before we get in a huff about Apple acting all totalitarian again, let's remember that a trademark is only as good as the enforcement you attach to it, so this pretty much had to happen. Strangely, M.I.C. still promises to complete delivery for those who've already placed an order, and this latest development should make it feel that much more special if and when it does arrive.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]