DirecTV's iPad, iPhone, Android apps will (NOT) have HBO Go streaming May 2nd (Update)

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DirecTV's iPad, iPhone, Android apps will (NOT) have HBO Go streaming May 2nd (Update)
Just like the web versions of HBO Go and Max Go are accessible both through their own sites and various provider portals, DirecTV has announced it will include access to them in its own apps on iPad, iPhone and "select Android devices" at the same time native Go apps launch. There's no word on what restrictions may be placed on Android, if it's just Froyo or higher hardware with Flash accessibility, then that's one thing, but Netflix-style DRM tie ups could prove to be much more frustrating to our Game of Thrones streaming plans. The announcement came from DirecTV's official Twitter account which indicated the apps would progress beyond mere remote control and DVR scheduling on the same May 2nd date previously teased in HBO's YouTube trailer -- we'll wait and see how long it takes to be integrated into similar apps from competitors like Comcast and Verizon FiOS.

Update: We've just heard from DirecTV that this was a "mistweet", as it turns out they won't be adding HBO Go access through their own apps and DirecTV customers will have to use the native HBO Go app just like everyone else. Check the @DirecTV account for the latest tweets, we'll put this one on the shelf next to the DirecTiVo for now.
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