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Sony NEX-3 successor NEX-C3, Alpha A35 images leaked?

Sony NEX-3 successor NEX-C3, Alpha A35 images leaked?
Zach Honig
Zach Honig|April 22, 2011 1:05 PM
We were a bit unsettled when Sony suddenly discontinued the NEX-3 after just eight months on the street, but if these leaked images are in fact authentic, then we might just have a worthy successor on our hands. The NEX-C3 is rumored to include the same 16.2 megapixel image sensor used in the Sony Alpha A55 DSLR, as well as HD video capture (as expected) and the new flash seen in the image above. Leaked photos on Sony Alpha Rumors reveal an LCD with the same tilt capability we love on the NEX-3, as well as minor adjustments to the controls. The blog also got its hands on some leaked images of the Sony Alpha A35 DSLR (added after the break), but details on that camera are a bit spotty. Rumor has it Sony originally intended to announce both cameras earlier in the month, but plans were delayed in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Japan. No word on cost or availability, but we'd expect to see pricing on the NEX-C3 in line with last year's model -- around $500, with lens.

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