DirecTV asks its customers what they like so much about Netflix, could launch competitor

Just like our friends at TiVo, DirecTV likes to poll its customers occasionally about possible new features and its latest one was all about Netflix. Several tipsters have indicated to us and ZatzNotFunny they were asked to evaluate a possible Netflix-like online subscription video service that DirecTV would offer in addition to their current satellite TV. While premium video channels circle the wagons around Starz Play and HBO Go -- this also puts an interesting spin on last week's "mistweet" about streaming video coming to DirecTV apps -- type services and a network owned by the cable companies has already launched a similar service called Vutopia, it's possible DirecTV could be the next big all you can eat streaming competitor. Check out ZNF for a few more screengrabs, but all we know for sure right now is we're not the only ones wondering what would it take to pull you away from Netflix?

[Thanks, Mike & Patrick]