Keepin' it real fake: Windows Phone 7 debuts in China

If smartphone platforms are legitimized by a KIRF manufacturer's tenacity to rip them off, then Windows Phone has truly arrived. Today we're looking at a larger than life "HTC"-branded knock-off of the Omnia 7, replete with an 800 x 480 4.8-inch (!) capacitive touchscreen and 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Given the massive size of this phone, there's plenty of room for features, which include Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS connectivity, along with a five megapixel camera, dual-SIMs and two microSD slots (for up to 32GB storage). Whew. Impressive specs aside, the device comes saddled with Windows Mobile 6.5 -- which has been heavily modified to resemble WP7's tile interface. There's no word yet on pricing -- just ask someone selling phones on a blanket the next time you're in Shenzhen, okay?