GOG.com selling entire JoWood catalog at up to 75% off

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Richard Mitchell
April 29th, 2011
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GOG.com selling entire JoWood catalog at up to 75% off
With JoWood in dire straits and quite possibly closing its doors for good, Good Old Games is currently selling the company's entire catalog at a massive discount. All individual titles in the JoWood catalog can be had for sixty percent off, with the most expensive titles selling for a whopping $4. Or, if you've got some really deep pockets, you can bag GoG's entire JoWood catalog of 13 games for under $25, a savings of over $70. The sale is active through Tuesday.

We can only hope that the sale might help JoWood stay alive. It's possible, however, that GoG is simply trying to make some money off of the titles while it still has rights to do so, as JoWood could begin selling off its game properties to pay back its creditors. Check out a list of available titles after the break.
  • Alien Nations
  • Aquanox
  • Aquanox 2: Revelation
  • Chaser
  • Dark Fall 2: Lights Out
  • Dark Fall: The Journal
  • Gothic 2 Gold Edition
  • The Guild Gold Edition
  • The Nations Gold Edition
  • Neighbours from Hell Compilation
  • Painkiller Black Edition
  • Panzer Elite Special Edition
  • Spellforce Platinum
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