Wizard101 soundtrack adding a 'mystery composer'

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|04.28.11

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Wizard101 soundtrack adding a 'mystery composer'
As Wizard101 gears up for its latest expansion world of Wintertusk, the folks at KingsIsle Entertainment have a secret or two up their sleeves. According to the studio, the soundtrack for Wintertusk was composed by "one of the hottest young musical talents in the entertainment industry." Who is this composer? Well, that's the big secret -- the studio isn't saying.

Instead, KingsIsle has set up a Wizard101 Mystery Composer page that will reveal hints, one at a time, until the artist is revealed. The only hint that's up so far mentions that this person performed on Saturday Night Live.

KingsIsle's J. Todd Coleman feels that when the artist is revealed, it'll be a big deal: "This is a cool idea, because our mystery composer has a huge name in the music business but has never created music for a video game. I'm really impressed by this artist's adaptability and talent. I think our players are going to be very surprised and totally blown-away."

The Wintertusk soundtrack is made up of seven original pieces of music. Currently, the expansion world is on the test server.
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