Nikon Image Authentication Software validates Photoshop phonies

It's hard to believe that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Apple man Steve Jobs would get all giggly over a Granny Smith, and that's for good reason: that apple's about as phony as this tiny iPhone. According to a Russian security firm, however, Nikon's Image Authentication Software would tell you otherwise. This rendering is one of a handful used to demonstrate a flaw in the camera maker's image verification system. Programs like Nikon's apply an encrypted signature to image files at the time they are captured, and overwrite those signatures when a file is altered, allowing for verification of a photograph's integrity. According to ElcomSoft, the firm exposed a flaw in the system used by Nikon, as well as a similar program employed by Canon's DSLRs, that allowed them to extract the signature key from a camera and apply it to phonies like the one above. According to the outfit, neither company has responded to its findings. For more funny fakes, including a shot of Mike Tyson rocking an Angry Birds tattoo, check out the source link below.