Super Hero Squad Online launches with a new trailer!

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Super Hero Squad Online launches with a new trailer!
Earlier today we reported about Marvel Universe Online, but there is more good news coming out of Marvel Studios and Gazillion Entertainment. Super Hero Squad Online has officially opened its doors to the public. It is time to hero up and start creating your own fabulous force of freedom fighters.

The kid-in-adult-size-shoes Jay Minn, creative director for SHSO, invites you to join in the fun. As he says in the launch press release, "Where else can you fight Doctor Doom, wall crawl up the Baxter Building, go flying with your friends, and collect a scratching post for Wolverine? We've built an awesome Super Hero theme park, so come and play!"

Grab your Captain America shield, your Iron Man suit, and Thor's hammer and watch this teaser video after the break. And if that inspires you to create your own team of Marvel superheroes, fly over to to start playing! Nuff said!

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