Judge John Hodgman decides ... is using a strategy guide cheating?

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Judge John Hodgman decides ... is using a strategy guide cheating?
You may find this hard to believe, but we agree with you: Video game podcasts are boring! Here are the games we've been playing; here's a digested audio blast of the week's news; here's an email from a fourteen-year-old with an entitlement complex. We're glad to be done with them.

But we've got a problem: There's an overwhelming dearth of non-video game podcasts about video games. So it's with great pleasure that we bring you the following news: The latest episode of Judge John Hodgman, the popular comedy podcast featuring the titular nerd wunderkind, is titled Tips and Tricks and Justice (trivia: You have our own Justin McElroy to thank for the title). The case before Judge Hodgman: Is using a strategy guide for a video game tantamount to cheating. To help Hodgman render a verdict, he's enlisted expert witness Morgan Webb who brings some street cred to the proceedings.

Want to know what game pushed Josef to the edge? Or maybe why his friend John says it's cheating? You'll find the podcast at the Source link below and just after the break ... a poll, so we too can judge strangers. It's so empowering.%Poll-63304%
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